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Gear / News - 1 year ago

iWalk2.0 Review: The Crazy Pegleg of the Future

In the days that followed my tragic foot fracture—don’t text and walk down stairs, folks!—I learned to loathe crutches. They were incredibly awkward to manipulate. Getting around was slow and tiring. They hurt my rib cage, rubbing the skin raw under...

Gear / News - 1 year ago

The 10-Year Quest to Turn Phones Into All-Powerful Gadgets

In May of 2007, a few weeks before Apple's iPhone hit shelves, Palm founder Jeff Hawkins took the stage at the All Things D conference and unveiled a new gizmo: a "mobile companion" that paired with your phone. It had no buttons or lights, weighed l...

Gear / News - 1 year ago

Gadget Lab Podcast: What Has F8 in Store for Me?

Facebook showed off some nutty new tech this week at its annual developer conference, including social VR experiences, skin-based interfaces, and augmented reality markup for the real world. Some of these ideas are here already, and some are years aw...